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Commercial Laundry

At Advantage Equipment we listen to the concerns and needs of our on-premise and commercial laundry customers before ever starting a project. Prior to outfitting a new laundry plant, we make recommendations for equipment based on our customers’ needs and their unique application. When revamping an existing facility, we walk through the facility, watch production, examine workflow, evaluate laundry design and examine the overall efficiency of the facility.

We work with clients to decrease labor and utility costs, improve productivity and streamline the laundry process. Each application is unique...

Athletic Facilities

From professional to college and high school level, Advantage Equipment can develop your on-premise athletic laundry. Most are concerned with boosting laundry productivity and consistently cleaning uniforms, towels, warm-ups and more with little down time. High-speed, freestanding Continental and Cissell washer-extractors ensure a consistent clean for game day using automatic chemical injection and one-touch operation. High-speed extract means more water is removed from a load – shortening dry time and improving the amount of laundry completed per shift.

Correctional Facilities

Mountains of inmate clothing, blankets, sheets and towels are powered through correctional facility on-premise laundries every day, adding up to millions of pounds per year. With inmates running the laundry equipment, safety and ease of use are essential. With automatic chemical dosing and programmable controls, the process is safe, easy and can readily be standardized from unit to unit. Complementing ease of use is ease of maintenance. Today’s equipment uses fewer moving parts and incorporates a simpler design, resulting in an easier job for prison maintenance. It is no secret that Advantage Equipment ensures more laundry is completed in less time, less expense, using less labor, gas, water and electricity in correctional facilities.

Dairy Farms

Properly cleaning dairy towels may help lower bacteria and contaminates such as Somatic Cell Counts in milk, leading to healthier cows and larger premiums from milk processors. Healthier cows mean a huge savings on vet bills and antibiotics but can also mean huge kick-backs from milk processors for low SCC. Realizing that productivity is key, Continental washers offer extract speeds of 387-G force - cutting dry time by as much as 50 percent. Dairy farms can reduce operating costs by utilizing the excess hot water to clean reusable cloth towels as opposed to disposable paper towels. Think ‘Green’. Automatic chemical injection capabilities ensure dairy towels are consistently cleaned - at the right temperature and with the correct chemicals to eliminate bacteria every time. The freestanding design means our Continental washers can be installed in unconventional locations without concrete foundations and bolts.

Fire Departments

Soiled firefighter gear is unsafe – exposing firefighters to chemicals, biological agents and particulate matter. Experts agree a highly programmable washer-extractor is a must for proper cleaning of high-tech turnout gear. Units are programmed to protect the gear manufactures warranties and meet NFPA guidelines, while remaining simple to use. Wash programs are developed for high/heavy contaminate exposure, structure fire, surface soils, apparatus towels and bed linens as well as site-specific laundry needs.

Continental and Cissell washer-extractors use advanced microprocessors to combine the exact chemicals, water temperature, rinses and extract speed to meet NFPA and manufacturer’s guidelines.  Freestanding washer designs also make for simple, impact-free installation – without bolts and thick concrete foundations – allowing positioning in even the most difficult of areas.

To complete the laundry process and put the gear in service as fast as possible, a variety of gear drying apparatus is also available.

Heath Care Facilities

Production is critical to hospital and nursing home laundries, as is washer programmability. These facilities clean a variety of items, including sheets, towels, gowns, bed pads and personals – all of which must be properly cleaned with the appropriate mix of chemicals, mechanical action, number or rinses, extract speed, water temperature and more … With the intuitive microprocessor systems used on both Continental and Cissell, these high-speed washers can deliver wash cycles so flexible that even advanced applications like Ozone injection can be programmed with just a few touches. Automatic chemical injection and one-touch operation ensure ease of use and a consistent and safe clean!


Linens, sheets, towels, napkins, and tablecloths make up the thrust of hotel laundry. That’s why Advantage helps hotels and motels do more laundry in less time, using less labor, gas, water and electricity. Not only do our Continental and Cissell high-speed washers deliver consistent clean, they remove more water from a load than traditional washers – cutting resulting dry-time by up to 50 percent. When a crisp five-star finish is a must, linens can be fed straight from the high-speed washers directly to flatwork ironers without dryer conditioning. With high-speed machines from Advantage Equipment, hotels boost productivity, and simultaneously, lower labor and utility costs! More and more hotels are embracing a “green” approach to business and to their marketing. Discover how Advantage can help you save money in laundry and linen production by meeting environmental goals related to your laundry operation!


Industrial Laundries

Our laundry equipment is packed with features designed to improve productivity, simplify the wash process and turnout a consistent, quality result with each wash; perfect for industrial laundries. Our washers are equipped with automatic chemical injection, high-speed extract and optimum programmability. All create a more productive laundry while lowering energy and labor costs.

Party & Linen Rental

Party Rental operations require laundry processes that deliver superior results and a quick turn-around. By selecting the right laundry equipment – washer-extractors , industrial ironers and drying tumblers – they can dramatically boost laundry productivity, while using less labor, water, natural gas and electricity.

By replacing top-load and hard-mount washers with soft-mount washers, which produce higher extract, businesses can complete more laundry in significantly less time. Because Continental E-Series Washers deliver extract speeds up to 354 G-force, they remove considerably more water from every load. Because less water is left in the load, dry-time is cut by up to 50 percent – saving gas consumption, labor and improving productivity! To save more gas consumption and improve productivity further, pair the E-Series Washer with a Continental Flatwork Ironer. Linens can be fed directly from the washer into the ironer! This eliminates time consuming and costly dryer conditioning!

Spas, Salons, Heath Clubs

By quickly cleaning soiled towels, robes and sheets, spas, health clubs and salons help ensure a clean, relaxing and healthy environment. Machine sizing is critical to ensure the laundry equipment’s ability to take on required laundry poundage. Moreover,high-speed extract and programmability are important to improving production and ease of use.


Veterinary Clinics

Smaller applications, like veterinary clinics, typically require a standard-footprint industrial washer capable of handling a variety of items, including blankets and towels used in bedding, bathing or during surgical procedures. High-speed extract and programmability are critical to a consistent clean and improved productivity. Soiled and contaminated laundry shouldn’t lie around in vet clinics for fear of disease growth and cross contamination. That’s why determining the correct wash application is not only mission critical, but pet critical.




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